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2016 River Valley team

Congratulations to the following players for making the 2016 All River Valley football team:

Josh Davis QB/LB

Mason Cave RB/LB
Jameson Geers G/DE
Vincent Bartuch RB/S
Ethan Krippel G/DT
Dylan Meyer T/DT
Max Keorkunian T/DT
Jake Faron G/DE
Miles Moody RB/LB
Ryan Kickels WR/CB

by posted 10/19/2016
Varsity Semi-final Playoff game

Congrats to the Chanooka Varsity football team on their 2st round win over Homer Stallions 30-24

Their next game will be this Sunday Oct 30th @ Lincolnway East High School located at 201 Colorado ave in Frankfort.

They will be playing the Orland Park Pioneers.  Game time will be approx. 2:30pm.  Winner goes to the Super Bowl.

Come out and support your Braves!

by posted 10/17/2016
2016 Playoff info

Click here to view the 2016 Playoff Brackets. Be sure to select the level you wish to view.

Please arrive early in case the games run fast.  Times are estimates.  Games begin immediately following the previous game. This does not apply to the first game of the day. Please keep checking this site for time/field changes. 

Good Luck to all teams!  

by posted 10/09/2016
Letter from the President

Dear Braves Families,


I am writing you on behalf of the Braves Board of Directors to update everyone on the changes coming for the 2017 season.  Last Thursday, September 15, 2016 the River Valley Youth Football League voted to only allow one team at every level per organization for the 2017 season.  This change by the league is due to the fact that so many organizations across our league are struggling to field teams at every level.  Organizations may petition the River Valley Youth Football League for an additional team at every level.  Organizations must overwhelmingly prove to the league that they are able to produce two teams at every level for the league to approve the second team


The Braves Board of Directors does not feel we would be able to field two teams at every level for the 2017 season based on the current membership.  At our September 19, 2016 board meeting, the Board voted to go down to one team at each level for the 2017 season with a roster cap of 40 players per level for football and 36 cheerleaders per level.  Veterans will get the first roster spots followed by siblings of current members and then the final roster spots will go to new registrants.  The Braves will hold a veterans only registration in late February followed by open registration in early March.  It will be very important that veteran families register their athletes prior to open registration.  Once open registration begins, rosters will be filled on a first come basis.  More information about registration will come prior to the end of the season.


The move to one team at each level was a very difficult decision for the Braves Board.  A lot of people worked very hard to move the Braves to two teams at every level.  The unfortunate fact is that our enrollment is down 40%.  The biggest contributor to the decreased enrollment is the fact that our community is no longer growing along with many of the communities in our area.  This drop in enrollment has also dramatically impacted our budget.  The Braves Board has had to make some tough budget cuts to ensure our athletes are getting the equipment and resources necessary to be safe and successful.  This year the Braves were able to provide a lot of nice extras for the kids.  The football players received a custom compression shirt and the cheerleaders received a tank top and a couple of tumbling clinics.  The Braves may not be able to provide those nice extras in the future due to budget constraints.  If we are successful with our sponsorships and fundraising efforts, we believe in returning the fruits of those efforts back to the kids in the form of those extras.  The Braves Board will continue to make budget adjustments as we move into next season.


The Braves Board looks forward to the challenges facing us but we will not be able to provide the athletes with a great experience without the support of the parents.  The Braves is a huge commitment and no one understands that better than the Braves Board.  Football and Cheer are two sports that take a lot of time and preparation to do the right way.  River Valley is a very competitive league, and it is the intention of the Braves Board to be competitive in this league in both football and cheer.  If you have any questions please contact me or any one of the Braves Board members.


Thank you for your continued support.


Rob Schiffbauer, President of the Chanooka Braves

by posted 09/21/2016
Raffle Ticket winners

Raffle Winners so far this season:

8/14   Shane Egan

8/21   Kendal Jados

8/28   S. Prather

​9/4     Joe Garbin

​9/11    Paula MIller

​9/18   Karolyn Baldassari

10/2   Vickie Murley

​10/8   Brian Dewalt

​Final winners for the 2016 Season


Andrew Vail

Richard Katzel

Barb Goyette

Patti Ruettiger


Sue Schiro



Julie Bachmann

Congratulations to all of the winners.

Thank you for your continued support of the Chanooka Braves

by posted 08/29/2016
2016 Season

by posted 08/21/2016
Parent Volunteer

Braves Families:

Below is the volunteer sign-up link for the 2016 season! We are so excited to get started! Each family is responsible for completing THREE parent volunteer slots before the end of the season
NEW THIS YEAR - Due to the huge commitment they make, assistant coaches' families must complete only ONE parent volunteer slot. 
The times listed are approximate -- each volunteer is actually committed for the game they sign up for - not the exact times. So, for example, if the Superlight game runs late, please stay at your volunteer slot until the game is over. Or, if the Lightweight game starts a few minutes early, please don't wait until exactly 12:00 to show up at your slot.
  • ALSO NEW THIS YEAR - Being the official team videographer for each football team is now a parent volunteer slot. THIS IS NOT SHOWN ON THE VOLUNTEER SIGN-UP LINK. You must contact your head coach, get his/her approval and commit to videotaping ALL of your team's games. He or she will then inform me who their team videographer is. This volunteer slot cannot be split between two families. You will have to go through training on how to use the Braves' cameras. We understand that it will probably end up being more hours than the normal 3 parent slots required, but this is a position that many people have requested to be included as parent volunteer hours. 


by posted 06/30/2016
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